Our values
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Every action 
for good

At every turn, goodness is our guide, positive change our north star.

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Seek & share the truth

We seek truth relentlessly and share it generously. When people know the facts, they do better by themselves, each other, and the planet.

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Always open to learning

Listening, learning, evolving, and collaborating — no matter how much good we’re doing, we always aim to do more, for our collective future.

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Support & celebrate women

Within our walls and around the world.
 Whether it’s woman-owned, women-made, or women-supporting — when women are empowered, communities flourish.

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Our Standards

Trusted products and brands.

We deliver delightful goods made fairly and sustainably by brands doing their part to create a better world.

Honoring humans and the planet.

We are committed to partnering with brands that support our 7 Impact Pillars.

Supporting Artisan handmade
Female Led Business
Charitably gives back
Small Business
Cruelty Free
Sustainably Made
Bandaid product lifestyle
Clean beauty

You’re in good hands.

When it comes to our curation, we keep our ethos simple. It doesn’t matter how beautiful or promising a product seems, if performance is lacking - or it contains questionable ingredients, we pass. There are too many incredible clean beauty alternatives out there to settle. We’re here to make sure you don’t.

Artisan Development lifestyle

Preserving the art of handmade.

Behind each and every product is a person: the maker. Unfortunately, in our fast-paced global world of commerce, that person is very often overworked, under-appreciated, or even forgotten entirely. At Alltrue, we put the makers front and center, prioritizing their economic development and providing them with dignified employment opportunities. We believe every human has the right to a safe, meaningful job, and in valuing the humans behind the things we love most.

In 2021, our Artisan Program sustainably employed over 4,000 makers, paying over 1 million hours in fair wages to date.
Humans matter.
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Learn about our Artisan Development Program
Artisan Development lifestyle

Sustainability is a never ending process

We recognize that everything made has an impact on the planet, and we believe the industry can regenerate rather than deplete the environment if we measure our footprint and invest in proven methods to counteract it. We understand that achieving sustainability is a never-ending process, and we’re committed to the necessary work it takes to honor the Earth while sharing and creating the products that delight our community.

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2020 Impact Report

The ideal of sustainability is constantly evolving, so our processes and models must too. This is why we believe in annual impact reports that allow us to share what and how we are doing.

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