Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have suspended travel to Los Angeles for the Artist Residency program. We are hoping to welcome artists back soon!
Hola Lou
Colorful Alltrue box designed by Jordan Amy Lee.
Jordan Amy Lee
Colorful Alltrue box designed by Hola Lou.
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Meet a few recent artist residents, and explore the beautiful seasonal illustrations we’ve created together.

Hola Lou
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Hola Lou is an artist, designer, and muralist born and raised in Durango, México. Always intrigued by contrasts and bold simplicity, Lou creates art out of abstracted memories, feelings, and music. Her work is influenced by a minimal and modern approach to life and the diversity of her Latino roots. Her work has appeared in Complex, Design Milk, ADWEEK, and more. Last year, she was one of 28 artists to create a limited edition print to help fundraise for the WWF.

Jordan Amy Lee
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Jordan Amy Lee is a London based illustrator whose work incorporates bold colors, stripped back compositions, and delicate textures. From Tate Modern exhibits to the eye-catching colors on vintage cereal boxes, she finds inspiration in sources both unlikely and expected, often drawn to design rather than traditional art. With music as her muse, Jordan’s bold designs incorporate a handcrafted touch. She has worked in a variety of mediums and areas across the creative industry, and illustrated astrology books, coffee shop websites, and even a quintessentially 2020 Christmas card for Soho House.

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