Introducing Alltrue

You’re in the right place - we’ve just changed our name.

The decision to change our name from CAUSEBOX to Alltrue wasn’t an easy one, but it’s something we’ve been thinking about for years. While working to create a community and movement for good, we’ve come to realize we are so much more than a box. We needed a name that felt all encompassing, a symbol to bring us together. We felt ‘boxed in’ by our old name.

Alltrue better represents our mission: to build a community that brings truth, kindness, and goodness to everything we do. Don’t worry, the seasonal box will always be an important part of the membership! We will continue to help you discover the most useful, beautiful, sustainable, and ethical products, but we’ll also bring you new, exciting extensions of what you once knew as CAUSEBOX. In time, there will be a digital community center where you can gather, share, and learn, a fully-expanded publication and podcasts to inspire and inform your intentional living journey, an always-available marketplace for sustainable essentials, and so much more.

We are beyond grateful to be on this journey with you.

In goodness,
Team Alltrue

A Flag for Good

Why did we make a flag?

Communities rally around flags. When words fail, flags unite, inspire pride, encourage belonging. A Flag for Good did not exist. So we created one. Will you fly it with us? Be the first to find out when we launch the Flag Shop.

What does the flag symbolize?

For global goodness.
The World
Earth, sky, and ocean.
Holding everything up as a foundation.
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